13 July 2018
6:30pm AA Gallery

California, it is said, pioneered tools of personal liberation, from LSD to the iPhone. Brendan McGetrick charts the history of ‘Made in California,’ from counterculture to current techno-Utopianism, and by doing so, reveals the ideological unconscious behind Silicon Valley’s design of the self. In the novel Sympathy, by Olivia Sudjic, Alice Hare embarks on a journey of Instagram obsession around a Japanese writer called Mizuko. The story traverses the emotional terrain between coincidence and providence, between online and offline selves.


BRENDAN McGETRICK is an independent writer and curator. His work has appeared in publications in over thirty countries, including The New York Times, Wired, The Financial Times, Art Review, Der Spiegel, Domus, and Vogue Nippon. In 2017, he co-curated California: Designing Freedom at the Design Museum. Since 2015, he has served as director of Global Grad Show, the world’s largest exhibition of graduate design and technology.

OLIVIA SUDJIC is a London based writer and novelist. Sympathy, published in 2017, is her debut novel. Sudjic has written for publications including the FT Weekend, The Guardian, ELLE, Sunday Times’ Style, The Observer and Harpers Bazaar. She is currently working on her second novel and a personal essay, ‘Exposure. ’