David Cronenburg film VideoDrome
David Cronenburg's Videodrome

2 July 2013
6.00pm New Soft Room

Reality Format presents presents David Cronenburg, the standards of standardisation, and television's lust for the pseudoreal.

Featuring contributions from

CHARLES ARS├łNE-HENRY founded White Box Black Box in 2009 and co-curated the exhibition Translated By in 2011. He teaches 'Shapes of Fiction' at the AA and is conceiving The Library is on Fire with the Luma Foundation.

SOPHIA AL MARIA is an artist, writer and filmmaker. Her fiction-memoir is entitled The Girl Who Fell To Earth, and she is currently working on her first feature film, a rape revenge set in Cairo.

ALEXANDER PROVAN is a writer living in Brooklyn, a founding editor of Triple Canopy and contributing editor of Bidoun.

TOM MORTON is writer, curator and a contributing editor of frieze.