Beavis and Butthead's free-wheeling discourse
Beavis and Butthead's free-wheeling discourse

17 July 2012
6.30pm New Soft Room

Commentary Format presents random talking over Directors' Cuts, You've Got Mail, and Beavis & Butthead's improvised critical outbursts.


VICTORIA CAMBLIN is a writer, Editor of 032c magazine (Berlin), and a doctoral candidate at the University of Cambridge (UK), where her research is devoted to Georges Bataille's ‘Acéphale'. She has worked as a part of the collective Slavs and Tatars, and recently co-founded a new collaborative entity, Body & English.

CÉCILE B. EVANS is a Belgian American artist based in Berlin. Her work examines how emotions are valued in contemporary society. She is the recipient of this year's Emdash Award and is currently on residency at Gasworks in London to produce her project for the Frieze Art Fair.

PAUL PIERONI was born, lives and works in London. He is the curator of SPACE, where he has been heading the exhibition programme since late 2009.