foulcart and chomsky on tv
Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault (1971)
FORMAT is a new, 'live magazine' looking at the shapes that discourse takes. Held at the AA in a transformed version of the Gallery, it will talk about talking, show what it means to show something, and present the hidden politics of presentation. Mixing anecdote and analysis, seminars with screenings, FORMAT's themed, reflexive sessions look back historically on how knowledge has been formatted into disciplines, institutions, technologies – and how the present moment questions or surpasses received formats of cultural consumption. Paraphrasing Samuel Beckett, 'Format is content, content is format.'

- Organised by Shumon Basar
Format (plural formats) Via French and German, from New Latin liber formatus ('book fashioned') < formo ('I shape, fashion')

1. The layout of a document;
2. The form of presentation of something;
3. (computing) A file type;

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